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The BLUEMYTH Smart Home System is committed to providing a higher quality of life while ensuring the client's privacy. 

BLUEMYTH Smart Home Systems include: Home Security Systems, Indoor Comfort Systems, Home Entertainment Systems, Greenery & Gardening Maintenance Systems. In order to bring a more convenient and comfortable lifestyle to the user, the home systems can be programmed to fit the user's habits and personal preferences for automatic function. However, the user also has the option to control and manage the home systems through a wall panel.

Home Security System

Indoor Comfort System

Home Entertainment System

Greenery & Gardening Maintenance System

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Home Security System

At BLUEMYTH, it is our top priority to ensure the safety and security of our clients.

BLUEMYTH allows the user to increase security in many aspects of the home. The door/window response module, smart smoke detector alarm module, smart flood alarm module, smart surveillance module, and many other security alarm devices will greatly improve the client's safety and security at home.

Smart Alarm
When accidents occur, the system can send out an alarm and send a message to a designated contact. The smart alarm systems can also utilize the smart mobile terminal remote to search for footage of the scene of the accident, as well as alarm messages.

System Privacy
Currently, the majority of security systems in the market have risks and leaks of the client's privacy. However, BLUEMYTH's unique system safety module protects the client and their family's privacy effectively.

Smart Home Comfort Living
Indoor Comfort System

The BLUEMYTH Indoor Comfort System allows curtains and blinds to automatically open and close. By setting up the smart scenery function, smart curtains and blinds will bring convenience to the client, automatically opening or closing when the brightness level indoors have reached a designated level. However, the client also has the option to control the curtains and blinds remotely from the wall panel.

The BLUEMYTH Indoor Comfort System can connect to many types of lighting at home. The system can automatically turn on or turn off the lights, as well as adjust the brightness, color and light color temperature. The client also has the option to control all of the lighting at home remotely through the wall panel, making lighting a more convenient and interesting aspect of user's daily life.

Water Management Systems
The BLUEMYTH Water Management System is separated into two categories: Demineralization, Purification.

Air Conditioning and Heating Management
The BLUEMYTH Room Temperature Monitor System can automatically adjust the room temperature according to the client's personal preferences.

Air Quality Management
Through the BLUEMYTH Air Quality Monitor module, the BLUEMYTH Air Quality System can monitor the indoor levels of pollen, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, CO2 concentration and other air quality statistics in realtime. BLUEMYTH utilizes the HEPA high efficiency filtration system to ensure the optimal indoor air quality, while the BLUEMYTH Air Exchange System provides indoor micro pressurization to effectively isolate outdoor pollen and micro particles from entering indoors. The BLUEMYTH Air Systems can also monitor the indoor humidity levels and remotely adjust the humidity levels to the optimal level from the wall panel.

Family  Leisure Time in Smart Homes
Home Entertainment System

The BLUEMYTH Home Entertainment System can be connected to the client's audiovisual equipment for customized solutions. After making specific scene settings to the system, when the user returns home, the system will automatically play the user's favorite music. If the user wants to watch television or movies, the user can control the system with one key on the remote to switch the system to TV Mode or Theater Mode. TV/Theater Mode will automatically close the curtains and blinds and adjust the lighting to dim lighting to create an ideal environment for watching TV and movies. The BLUEMYTH electronic Oil Painting System can also showcase the world's best artworks on the TV based on the user's personal preferences.

Modern Smart Home
Greenery & Gardening Maintenance System

The BLUEMYTH Greenery & Gardening Maintenance System includes smart watering, soil quality monitoring, and temperature and humidity monitoring. With the many modules functioning collectively in tandem, daily tasks such as watering and drip watering can be made automatic, and evening bringing the nutrition analysis in the soil to the client. The Greenery & Gardening Maintenance System has since made the complicated process of maintaining a garden easy to manage for the client.

Through the Smart Hydroponic System, BLUEMYTH can even grow many types of organic vegetables for the client.


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